Visualize a
Better World

Our Mission

Your work is changing the world. Your data proves it. Graphicacy helps organizations like yours tell informative, provocative, inspiring stories using facts, figures, and trends to show audiences why your mission matters – and what their role is in the fight.

That’s the power of visual storytelling. It draws people in and connects them to the issue and your work on an emotional level. It creates an experience they can’t look away from. And it invites them to do something about it.

Together, we’ll visualize a better world… and inspire action to help create it

What Clients Are Saying About Graphicacy

“Graphicacy takes a sentence we give them and makes something beautiful out of it. I call them our fairy godparents. They take our ideas and make them reality, or even better.”

- Kirthini Muralidharan, VIEW-hub Project Coordinator

“We wanted something special — a wow factor — and Graphicacy delivered. If we had just presented data, it would be great, but the big picture with the scrollytelling takes it from great to phenomenal.”

- Piper Hendricks, Director of Communications & External Affairs

“This new platform is like our previous economic Indicators on steroids, times one thousand. It does my heart good to see how Graphicacy brought our rich collection of data to life. We needed to show more of our region’s diversity with disaggregated data so that we were telling everyone’s story. That’s what promoting inclusion is about.”

- Tawanna Black, CEO

"The powerhouse Graphicacy team brings creativity, problem-solving smarts, and patience to every meeting and project. They helped us pivot to a whole new approach when the pandemic rendered our first data viz irrelevant and brought great ideas and energy to the project."

- Matt Morrison, Executive Director

“I was impressed by how quickly the Graphicacy team grasped what we were trying to do. Storytelling is at the heart of the training we do with potential candidates. Graphicacy’s approach felt like a natural extension of that. They zeroed in on the most impactful pieces of data.”

- Amanda O’Donnell, Chief Operations Officer