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FinGAP Investment Mapping System

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is an initiative that builds upon previous commitments to abate hunger in Africa, including Feed the Future, Grow Africa, and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. New Alliance partners include the G8, private companies and several African countries, namely Ghana, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Since New Alliance’s inception in 2012, over 160 companies have committed to planned investments exceeding $7 billion.

A map of Ghana with the district of Nadowli selected and detailed maize, soybean, and rice production analytics.

USAID FinGAP Investment Mapping System

Our team was responsible for co-developing the Investment Mapping Solution (IMS) with a team at Palladium (formerly CARANA Corporation) for the USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (FinGAP), as referenced in our case study below. The IMS is an interactive geospatial tool that provides investors in Ghana with information on potential agriculture investments (including their geographic location) and enables them to manipulate scenarios (e.g., productivity projections) to identify opportunities with high potential return on investment. Our work on the IMS included:
Real-time cloud-based analysis of different agricultural scenarios.
Support for low-bandwidth mobile and desktop users.

  • Development of a robust RESTful API for data retrieval and data upload from/to a relational spatial database.
  • Cleaning and integrating data from multiple 3rd party data providers in multiple data formats.
  • Creation of models and algorithms for scenario and prediction analysis.
  • Ability for on-the-ground users to upload agricultural infrastructure locations through the highly intuitive application and for an administrator to approve before being added into the mapping application.
  • Successful hand-off and knowledge transfer of the application to our on-the-ground client, Farmerline Ltd. in Ghana.
  • Custom charting and reporting done with modern D3.js and JavaScript libraries.
Upload process for crowdsourcing Ghana infrastructure

Crowdsourced infrastructure upload process

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