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Graphicacy creates Timeplots, large-scale posters that visualize grand topics.
Here, we’ve transformed our posters into educational interactives.

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When Graphicacy made the Visual History of the House of Representatives Timeplots poster, we created a dot for each person who has ever served in Congress. We brought it online, and now these dots have real names attached to them. Readers can sort parties and states to see the ideological patterns of a particular group over time.

Our Death and Taxes poster visualizes the President’s budget proposal each year. We also built an interactive companion that shows our nation’s financial priorities. Readers can explore where the money goes, find the government agency they are interested in, and compare and contrast the current budget with a budget from previous years.

Why do we have oddities in our state boundaries? Consider the Delaware semi-circle, the Idaho stovepipe, and the Missouri bootheel. Some reasons are political, some geographic, and some purely accidental. This interactive introduces the history of state boundaries in a way that makes obscure stories more playfully accessible to the general reader, and balances our History of State Boundaries poster, an intricate map.

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