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The World Bank Group

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery


The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), which is housed at the World Bank, partnered with Graphicacy on the redesign of their website.

World Bank - GFDRR - Home page Image


As part of an ongoing collaborative relationship, our partners at the World Bank wanted to redesign their GFDRR Drupal website with a focus on refreshing the homepage and creating a new hub for their disaster recovery resources.

The design objectives were to holistically bring the site together — in terms of design, functionality and navigation — from what was a fragmented web presence to showcase more of GFDRR’s rich content offerings, and create a more robust central search function that makes it easier for users within the Bank, and externally, to pinpoint and access desired knowledge and resources. 

As part of its solution, Graphicacy was able to rethink the entire design and architecture of the platform with the GFDRR team to elevate powerful imagery and introduce data visualization throughout the site to create a comprehensive repository of knowledge on resilience and disaster risk management.


World Bank Where We Work Gif


In order to bring the wealth of disaster recovery data and resources to the fore-front of the site, Graphicacy proposed the combination of two site sections (Resources and Publications) and rebranded them as a more accessible and central Knowledge Hub, so that users would be clearly directed to a single core content destination.


Knowledge Hub search results page on GFDRR website


The result of Graphicacy’s partnership with the GFDRR team was a more visually dynamic site, more intuitive and performant navigation and functionality, a better overview of GFDRR’s full organizational structure and offerings, and a powerful new search capability with detailed filtering options that made GFDRR’s rich knowledge offerings more visible and accessible. Each of these upgrades was built to create a better user experience in service of GFDRR’s mission to support disaster risk management projects worldwide.


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