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Policies for Action

Temple University and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation enlisted us to help with content strategy, information architecture, and design and build of their Policies for Action website.

We created the Policies for Action website for Temple University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, designed to act as a clearinghouse for research around the impact of public policy on health, and to inform audiences about overall efforts to create a Culture of Health.

Information architecture was a key challenge. Detailing the work of research programs that are only starting to come online meant making some decisions about content that could radically change as time went on. We worked with Policies for Action to create a simple, intuitive scheme for organizing content that allows users to navigate between information about programs and the organization itself, without ever coming to a dead end. The underlying content management system was designed to be flexible, allowing changes to the way content is presented over time.

The design incorporates brand elements from both Temple University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in a way that clearly communicates the involvement of both, without competing for recognition. The balance between design and content creates a meaningful experience for users accessing nuanced, impactful subject matter.



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