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Diarrheal Disease and Malnutrition

PATH came to Graphicacy with the desire to share, online and in print, new scientific information around the critical connection between malnutrition and diarrheal disease (DD).

PATH is an international nonprofit organization working to save lives and improve health, especially among women and children. Their focus is to accelerate innovation across five platforms – vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and system innovations.

The gut lining damage caused by DD can result in physical and cognitive stunting in children with devastating setbacks for future development. Graphicacy produced an information graphic combining simple explanatory diagrams with friendly and colorful illustrations that helped invite viewers to explore, and begin to understand, a fairly complex, and often grim, topic.



Readers were guided down a visual path that laid out the environmental conditions facilitating the spread of this disease, zoomed in to show specifically how pathogens damage the lining of the gut causing serious problems with nutrient absorption, explained some of the developmental consequences suffered by malnourished children, and then offered some basic steps toward solutions and a call to action.

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