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 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

International Vaccine Access Center VIEW-hub Data Visualization Platform


Graphicacy redesigned and reengineered the VIEW-hub data visualization platform for the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to make it more engaging, intuitive and innovative.

This particular project allowed our team to excel at what we do best—designing and building open-source data visualization and data storage solutions to meet complex requirements. The VIEW-hub platform visualizes over 100 data sets related to vaccine access, coverage, introduction, and use, as well as compiling relevant academic studies on vaccines., an Interactive mapping platform for Vaccine data, bu Johns Hopkins University

The entire platform was redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, to empower the IVAC team to have more control over their own site, deciding which data gets displayed, how it gets displayed, and letting them do regular data updates themselves. This was done through the unique combination of Drupal, Airtable, Angular, and Mapbox technologies. Similarly, a total refresh of the user experience (UX)  and interface design empowers the user to find the data they need more easily, share content quickly, and create high quality image exports of any view.


Country page on the VIEW-hub platform, showing Vaccine details for Ethiopia

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