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British Political Atlas

Graphicacy is proud to have joined forces with Ipsos to build on top of our previous work, US Political Atlas, to design and build the British Political Atlas.

The Atlas is a trove of strategic data visualizations that allow users to explore political polling and digital intelligence data as the UK gears up for a pivotal general election in December 2019. Users can browse subjects like “satisfaction of the political leadership” and view the data through a wide range of demographic filters.

Bar chart visualization of how satisfied the British people are with their government

The Atlas also offers a view into which issues matter most at the country level, regional level and constituency level as the UK electorate heads to the polls to choose a leader to handle the Brexit crisis.

A map of the most important issues facing North West Durham, UK in 2019.

The goal was to build a responsive visualization tool that, by allowing easy access to and visual discovery of multiple data sources, would help users reach their own informed conclusions ahead of the election about the issues driving the political narrative.

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