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McDonough School of Business Websites

MSB enlisted our help in building and maintaining multiple websites.

We worked with the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University to create and support multiple websites. MSB’s main goal on the web is to promote a positive brand image and attract students seeking an elite education at a school in the heart of US politics and culture. Increasingly, this goal is shifting to include publications, showcasing faculty projects, and sharing campus culture.

Working with our partners at Acquia, we delivered a highly scalable solution that allows over 50 content editors within the school of business to manage content. The system was delivered as a multisite solution, where content editors are able to modify content within their own sections of sites without giving people access to other sections. As part of this engagement, we provided support for these sites, expanding the capabilities of the core system over time. Most recently, we added a railroad publications database, introducing research capabilities as part of the platform.



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