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We See You Project

Graphicacy worked with AFROPUNK to create a live “picture” of their audience–who they are and what they care about, allowing attendees to better understand the diversity of the AFROPUNK following in real time via live large-format visualizations at each festival.

AFROPUNK, an organization that hosts five annual arts festivals that include live music, film, fashion, and art produced by black artists, wanted to know more about its audiences–their demographics, their interests and what inspires them to take action. AFROPUNK wanted to take the data collection even further by compiling and visualizing it in real time at their festivals around the world including Brooklyn, Atlanta and London.

To achieve that goal, AFROPUNK partnered with the team at Graphicacy on the We See You Project to visualize their audience and attendees in an innovative and engaging way. The plan was to set up a station at a festival for attendees to answer survey questions, visualize the answers to the questions in real time on a large screen, and share the questions and visualizations with festival attendees.

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