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AFL-CIO – Working America

Working America Vote Gain Calculator

Working America asked Graphicacy to design and build an innovative, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing interactive map of nine key battleground states that helps progressive donors and key stakeholders understand how Democratic progressives can win the 2020 presidential race.

A GIS visualization of the vote gains in the 2016 US election for Arizona, Georgia, and Iowa

County level data is highlighted on the map helping users to gain an understanding of where Democrats suffered the greatest losses in the 2016 election and how a Working America persuasion model can help shift the balance toward Democrats through face-to-face organizing and digital communications with working-class voters.

The overall goal is to show the impact that an ability to “gain votes from face-to-face conversations with Working America canvassers” would have on the election. Users can “Compare the number of persuadable voters by region and explore economic, health, and political data at the county level in each state to understand the scope of what needs to be done to elect candidates that support working families in November 2020”.

Working America Vote Gain Calculator Pennsylvania page

The data provided by Working America shows Democratic votes over time, Democrat versus Republican, urban versus exurban, voter turnout, and voter density.

The map is embedded on the Working America site and hosted in a Drupal environment.

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