Global Impact of the Compact of Mayors

WRI approached Graphicacy to build an interactive presentation highlighting the reach and impact of the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of mayors and city leaders addressing climate change.

The landing page had to inform leaders in other major cities who may not be familiar with the Compact of Mayors, demonstrate the tangible results of the Compact’s programs, and entice new cities to join the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the city level.

Graphicacy combined interaction, narration, and animation in a unified interface that takes users on a guided tour through charts and maps to better understand the purpose, effects, and goals of the Compact of Mayors, then interact at their own pace to dive deeper and find data relevant to them. By both showing and telling, the presentation provides ample evidence that cities can and are making an impact in the effort to fight climate change. Users are encouraged to engage with the facts through multiple dimensions of information and clean, appealing design that works on all devices. A clear call to action then moves users from informed to committed.