How Are You Meeting Your Mission?

Graphicacy Government helps government agencies visually communicate how they are meeting their mission. Stakeholders want to know. Graphicacy Government can help you deliver.

Click on the images below to see our latest government-related projects.


National Science Foundation: Industry-University Cooperative Research Center information graphics

Center for American Progress: Immigration-related interactive graphics


Timeplots: President’s budget 2015


Scientific American: Visualization of every Nobel Prize winner in Science


Scientific American: Information graphic about longevity

By distilling, organizing, simplifying, and visualizing the services, grants, fellowships, research funded, patents granted, banks foreclosed, technologies developed, regulations issued, drugs approved—any data generated from the work that government does, Graphicacy Government is your go-to assistant to tell your story to your stakeholders.

Graphicacy offers a wide variety of services, which include data visualization, interactive applications, information graphics, data analysis, graphic design, motion graphics, illustration, writing and seminars. We tailor our work to the specific strategic needs of your project.

For inquiries about Graphicacy Government, contact Connie Chang at or 202-491-3356.