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Brain Breaks And Data Viz Books

Brain Breaks and Data Viz Books

Hi there, my name is Jenny. I’m the marketing, development and design intern at Graphicacy this semester. As you can see from my notebook, I think visually.


While I’ve been working here, I’ve learned that developing creative and effective solutions to present data is the core DNA of Graphicacy. To stay at the forefront of new technology and advancing creative approaches to data, we look to many places for inspiration on a day-to-day basis. And while this process of discovery is key, it is also crucial to never forget the basics and origin of information design and data analysis.

The overflowing bookshelf is one of my favorite parts of the office. Whenever I need a brain break, I can look at an overwhelming amount of amazing books on visualizing information. The best part about this is while I am getting lost in beautiful information graphics, new ways of explaining old things, or even focusing on the wonderful book design in general, I am getting more and more inspired.


Luckily, Nathaniel has written a list of his top recommended books on data visualization. These books are the most important to Nathaniel and his data visualization journey. Like I have from reading and flipping through these books, you will learn about many different approaches to data and design.

Whether you are just joining the world of data visualization, or an expert in the industry, these books are are sure to spark the beginnings of a great next project. Head over here to download your copy of Great Books to Inspire Your Next Masterpiece of Visual Explanation by Nathaniel Pearlman.

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