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A Summer Internship With Graphicacy

A Summer Internship with Graphicacy

Hi, I’m Yinan. Summer of 2016 is over and my first on-site internship has come to an end. As a design intern at Graphicacy, I participated in many design-related tasks, varying from photo cropping to UI design for web-based interactive modules. I also contributed to the design of a promotional brochure for a media company and made a motion graphic video illustrating the process of client projects at Graphicacy:

I felt lucky to work for Graphicacy as my very first internship. It’s a small team with flexibility to customize the internship experience. There are projects in graphic design, motion graphics, interactive design, UI/UX and programming. My assignments were well-aligned to my interests and goals. Also, I joined in several projects at different phases and have experienced almost the whole process of a client project from concept development to launch. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in meetings with clients and potential partners, which helped in getting to know the real business world. Besides, whenever there was something worth learning (about client relationships and working philosophy, for example), the team took time to point it out to me. I was lucky to have such a nice group of colleagues for my first working experience.

My primary take-aways from this internship are getting to know the process of commercial design projects (to be specific, data viz related projects), the business development of a company, client relationships and how different positions within a team collaborate. For example, now I know how an interactive data viz project is executed by a data analyst, designer and developer under the coordination of a creative director. Each person in these roles has responsibility at a certain stage but also collaborates with the rest of the team throughout the process to make sure the end product is logically correct, visually appealing, accurate, feasible to program, and facilitating a great user experience.

Also, I’m getting to know the art of communication with clients and potential partners — such as how to craft estimates at the start of a project and how to find opportunities for collaboration. It’s interesting to work with people in different specializations because they think very differently and notice issues and possibilities I’m not aware of. Overall, I think my experience at Graphicacy was successful and quite valuable to me. It was a great summer!

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